Decommissioning, Virtualization & Consolidation,Management & Operations

Methodology for Data Center Services

The Methodology for Execution  of our PDLC (Project Development Life Cycle) follows the below outline.


Across our Service offerings we use a similar outline for all projects, these are then tailored to the particular project requirements. Additionally the below has a focus on a "Decommissioning" project.

This Methodology generates the primary input for the project's WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)...

Perform a complete inventory of all data center assets

  • Servers

  • Switches

  • Routers

  • Cable Plant

  • Other Various Components

Build and Deploy a Project CMDB

  • Planning

  • Build

  • Test

  • Deploy

Identify “Dependencies” for all Data Center components

  • Identify Stakeholders

  • Forward Stakeholder Questionnaire

  • Create Master “Stakeholder Dependency” document

Provide a detailed “Statement of Work” (SOW)

  • Discovery

  • Develop Detailed Scope

  • Produce “WBS” outline

  • Complete WBS

  • Formalize and Complete SOW

Preliminary and Final Walk-thrus

  • Preliminary Walk-thru

  • Pre-Go Live Walk-thru

  • Weekly Walk-thru

  • Final Walk-thru

Identify Project team Vendors

  • Compile Project Vendor Analysis

  • Provide Scope of Vendor Usage and Activity

  • Produce Final Production Vendor List

Identify Recycling (R2 Standard Certified) Resource

Compile “Data Destruction” policies and procedures


Develop Security Plan for “Data Destruction” activity


Establish Hard Drive Destruction, Staging Equipment, Hauling and Temporary Storage location


Compile “Hazardous Material Disposal” Policies and Procedures


Compile disposal plan for “Metals and Other Components”


Establish a “Chain of Custody” Policy and Procedure


Certificates for “Hard Drive” destruction


Certificates for “Hazardous Waste” disposal


Compile a “Documentation” Checklist


Identify the intent of each device removed and document


Establish what data resides on each devise and who owns it


Identify Categories of data on Micro and Macro levels


Define Present Access to Data Center


Define Proposed Access to Data Center

Complete sizing for staff and administrative resources

Produce Final Quote

Award Meeting and Contract Execution