Our Organization

Our Team and Experience


​Our team is composed primarily of the staff as listed below...

  • Managing Partner

  • Technical Operations Officer/Partner

  • Field Operations Superintendent

  • Industry Engineers

  • Project Analyst/Inventory Specialist

  • Delivery Teams

Managing Partner: Our Managing Partner is the founder of this team. Spending the previous 30 years in the fields of Enterprise Telecommunications, Data Communications, Infrastructure & Technical Project Management, along with being a Data Center Manager of a large Enterprise, of a Fortune 100 company.

Technical Operations Officer/Partner: The Company's Primary Technical Resource has over two decade of on-premises and application customer second and third level infrastructure support. He has an superior expertise in networking, along with database, application and web servers. This essentially the environment of our client's ultimate Primary and End Users.

Field Operations Superintendent(s): This role is our primary management interface onsite in the project physical location. 

Industry Engineers: It is our practice to retain Consulting Industry Engineers for several key functions of our operations as follows...

  • Company Operations and

  • Bidding and Quote Preparation

  • Scheduling and Sequencing

  • Project Professional Services


This group of Resources are Consulting Engineers that have previous experience working in Operations, for and/or with our Managing Partner. These resources average between 12 and 25 years of experience, in the varied disciplines of...

  • Bare Metal Installations and Route Diversity

  • Windows Administration

  • Linux Administration 

  • Network Administration

  • Storage Administration

  • Firewall Administration

  • Database Administration (Oracle and SQL)

  • SAN Storage Administration

Project Analyst and Inventory Specialist: Each project will be assigned a Project Analyst to provide the complimentary documentation and work performed by our Engineers and Field Staff. Additionally the Analyst will coordinate all resources performing "Inventory" and the "Stakeholder Assessment Analysis" (Discussed in detail in the Methodology page.

Delivery Teams: Our Delivery teams are composed of our "Onsite" resources performing the Physical Activities required to execute the work. The number and type are unique and specific to each project. These roles will be quantified and defined on the SOW and Project Scope and Proposal Documents.