In today's multiple environments of all types of technologies, we can often times wonder what can this do for me? One answer to this question: Argus Three!!!

Data Center Services


Virtualization & Consolidation 

Management & Operations

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IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Trouble, Issue and Ticket Management

Data Center Decommissioning

Business Case:


The Company Executives have decided to commit to a Hybrid Data Center Model.


This will eliminate the need for the Company to operate the Data Center.


You have been tasked with organizing the effort to shut it down.


Contact us to discuss a "Decommissioning Project, customized to fit your requirements, timelines and most Importantly, your "Budget".


We'll provide your team with a solution that fits the conditions and will be...

  • Efficient

  • Scheduled and Managed

  • Sensitive to the Timing needs of the Business

  • Detailed & Documented

  • Monitored & Controlled

  • Price for Your Budget

  • Best Rates in the Industry

Data Center Virtualization & Consolidation  

Business Case:

Your company has a primary Data Center at their HQ location and another back-up DC in an out-of state site.


The decision has been made to Virtualize the Servers and Network.


This will create a surplus of Hardware and a need for a "reorganization" project.


What direction should be taken?


Let us review the Servers and the Network and determine the elements with the most life.


We can designate the older components from each location to be surplussed.

Our "Consolidation" efforts will have us to "Relocate" to a more efficient and smaller footprint, saving on square footage, power and cooling significantly.

Data Center Management & Operations

Business Case:


Finally the Five major "Business Units of the Company, has agreed to allow most of the "lower" environments' servers to become "Virtual", for their "Key Performance Apps" (KPAs).


How do we maximize the benefits of this decision.?



Should the only requirements for these robust applications to have Physical Servers in PROD (Production).


The ones in the DEV (Development) and QA (Quality Assurance) environments can be P to V'd (Physical to Virtualized).

The VLAN structure can remain the same and the servers along with the corresponding network elements can keep their IP addresses.


As the corresponding Switches and Routers will be Virtualized also.


Virtualization & Consolidation 

Management & Operations

The Data Center World of Argus Three 

With trends in Data Centers moving towards technologies with focus on efficient use of resources, we can now do more these resources.

We can Virtualize one physical server to do the work of many.

This increases Scalability, Availability along with Optimizing Operations.

Noticeably this has altered the need for a "large footprint" to house far less physical servers than before, for IT Data Centers infrastructure.

Our Team is not just IT Staff. We are "Data Center Professionals" ! Add in our "Industry Best Rates" and it's a "Win-Win" for All!

"Best Price...Best Value!

Data Center Decommissioning

Data Center Consolidation & Relocation

Data Center Virtualization & Operations

Your IT partner with a shared vision!

1. Decommissioning: 



  • Savings on Real Estate Cost

  • Removes Energy Consumption and Costs

  • Eliminates the Cooling Expenses

  • Reorganization of IT Footprint


2: Virtualization & Consolidation: 



  • Reduces the number of Physical Network Elements and their Costs

  • Saves on the Square Footage of Real estate Requires

  • Yields and Efficient use of Power and Related Resources

  • Optimizing and Increases Scalability/Availability

3. Management & Operations:



  • Consulting on Best Practices

  • Infuses Management of Various Aspects of Data Center Operations

  • Outsource Process to Focus on Core Activities

  • "IT Service Management" (ITSM)

  • IP Address Control